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Strategic collaboration with your team to reach your business’ full potential


Maximise Your Team’s Performance

“Excellence is not an aspiration. Excellence is what you do in the next five minutes.” – Tom Peters

Customer Understanding

Encouraging teams to use customer feedback, both positive and negative, and turn them into opportunities.

Organisational Redesign

Strengthen performance and drive success. Focus on integrating people and processes to improve strategic decision-making.

Strategic Storytelling

Your brand’s narrative is powerful. We ensure that your brand’s personality, values and aspirations are communicated effectively.

Industry Benchmarking

Identify what you’re getting right, and areas needing some attention. Know where your business fits into its unique industry.

Pragmatic Problem Solving

Turn fear into fuel. Whether you’re exploring a potential business opportunity, or facing an internal hiccup, we workshop with you and your team to find a pragmatic solution. We engage openly, think strategically, and move forward with enthusiasm.

A Few of Our Clients

Standard Bank
Petit Love

How We Work

Our passion is people, and adopt a collaborative approach and partner with you to drive growth, and to empower your team to achieve their goals, and make magic happen. We’re enthusiastic about designing New Ways of Work that will optimise business development.

Observe, Analyse, Understand


We immerse ourselves in getting to know your people, your processes, and your day-to-day business operations.  We want to understand your long-term and short-term strategic goals.

We do this by simply spending time in your business, chatting to your customers, and engaging with your team.

A Focused Team


Based on the operational challenges you are facing, and the observations that we have made whilst spending time in your business, we identify the key areas of focus that we feel require strategic workshopping, direction and implementation.

A New Way Of Working


We’ll invest time in explaining how, and why, the creative processes behind Systems Thinking, Lean Startup,  Design Thinking and Holacracy can add value to your team.

As keen enthusiasts for these methodologies, we’ve seen how successful they can contribute to growing business performance when they are interpreted and implemented in the right way.

Essentially, it’s all about finding the balance that works for your business, and we explore the ways in which these methods can be uniquely applied to your organisation.



We’ve all heard Albert Einstein’s quote, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. We’re firm believers in only adopting approaches that have a positive impact on performance, and lead to business growth.

But, we’re also brave and determined enough to try until we get it right. We’re committed to helping our clients implement the strategies that work best for them, and we’re there to hold their hands every step of the way.

Meet The Team

We each have our own, unique superpowers, and we tie them together to make magic happen. Collaboratively, we have nearly 20 years’ experience in niche sectors such as retail, marketing, management consulting, and talent acquisition.

Angé Baard

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Betty Hardcastle


Paton Raman

Chief Experience Officer

India Stone

Content Creator

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