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Strategic collaboration with your team to reach your business’ full potential


Autonomy. Purpose. Opportunity.

“Excellence is not an aspiration. Excellence is what you do in the next five minutes.” – Tom Peters


Customer Centricity

Positioning customers at the centre of your organisation enables you to enhance your value proposition. Using Design Thinking principles, we collaborate with your team to listen, engage, test, and then provide insightful feedback.


Industry Benchmarking

Best practice is a moving target. Cross-industry benchmarking is part of our DNA. By observing your unique culture, and measures for success, we encourage a fresh perspective to assist in widening your scope for new opportunities.


Strategic Storytelling

“Stories are told, re-told forever.”
By eliciting company purpose, values and goals, we help to establish a brand narrative that will support and drive company culture, and form an essential part of your business’ toolbox.


Pragmatic Problem-Solving

Turn fear into fuel. Whether you’re exploring a new venture, or facing an internal hiccup, we creatively and strategically workshop with you, and your team, to find a pragmatic solution.

Organisational Design

We’re great at designing models for structuring and scaling. To do this, we unpack how your organisation’s purpose and values live through a daily workflow. We focus on refining processes that will position you as a talent magnet, from pre-boarding, onboarding, ways of work, sprints, recruitment, and retention techniques, organogram design to recommended tech tools.

How We Work

An initial internal audit, with both leadership and the broader team, will help us to establish and understand core values, purpose and benchmarks. We partner with you to translate these into customised solutions, depending on your needs and focus areas.

Understand Your ‘Why’


Business structure, operational efficiency, human capital architecture, and performance drivers are naturally relevant to all companies. We are here to assist in ensuring that you focus on what you are excellent in, and we team up with you to build tools and capabilities in your peripheral areas.

Who’s an Excellent Fit for the Team?


We don’t work in isolation, nor do we reinvent the wheel where it isn’t necessary. We thrive on getting stuck in, and are determined to do what it takes to get a positive result. Through one-on-one coffee chats, focused team sessions, or an entire organisational shift, we aim to initiate drivers for success.

Translating Theory into Practice


We believe in the combined approaches of Systems Thinking, Lean Methodology, Design Thinking and Holacracy. We explore the various ways in which these methodologies can optimise your business outcomes, and we build a customised solution that enhances your performance model.



By translating the people element of each business into sustainable workflow for scaling purposes, we make it possible for you to steer your business in the direction you choose. Our uniquely developed dashboards enable us to highlight key performance indicators, financial metrics, and business goals.

Meet The Team

We believe in partnering with the right teams to achieve excellence. We’re allergic to the term ‘consultant’. Our aim is to be impact players. If you succeed, we succeed.

Each with our own skill sets, but joint passion for team performance, we’re nearing 20 years’ experience in retail, marketing, law, operations and talent management.


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